I finally gave in!

This is my first Blog. I can’t say that blogging is something that I dreamed of doing. It is certainly not on my bucket list. In my humble, southern, chicken-fried mind, blogging is for metrosexual, hipster, city folk that think their ideas and opinions are important to the rest of us (when in fact no one cares).

However, since I am a semi-professional writer, it is my duty to self promote. It is not something that I enjoy doing. I think writers should write and sellers should sell. Every writer should have a person that is as eager to promote as they are to write, but that is not the world we live in. In the real world, getting published is just the first step in a long journey to either obscurity or fame. Right now I am living in the former and working to the latter.

Here is the brief history of me.

I was born in the north, but not the north that most southerners think of when I say I am from New York. My New York is not the posh city where every sitcom full of young people sitting in bars and coffee shops is filmed. My New York is far west of there in the foothills and small towns full real people with real problems that the Sex in the City crowd would like to pretend does not exist.

Being a military brat, I moved around a lot before my mother settled us down with my stepdad outside of Louisville Kentucky when I was in the fifth grade. Louisville is also the opposite of what most people think of Kentucky. It is the posh city where people sit in bars and coffee shops and try to ignore the hillbillies in the rest of the state.

My journey through life finally ended up in the great State of South Carolina. A place that I first hated and eventually built up inside me until it spilled over and became my muse. I now love everything about the lowcountry. I love the creepy live oaks that remind me of a horror movie. I love the murky waters and days in the sun on my boat. And I love the way everyone is so friendly because they in an area that people come for vacation.

I wrote my first novel, Lazarus Cane, while on my lunch break. I told no one that I was writing it, not even my wife. I despise people that say “I’m writing a novel” and then never actually write it. You are not a writer unless you actually write. Writing is a job, and like any job if you don’t put in the time, you will not keep it very long. Personally, I did not want people asking me how the book was coming. To me that is a de-motivator. I wrote the book for me, it was just a bonus that other people found it enjoyable.

When I received my acceptance letter, I was on cloud 9. Little did I know that becoming famous in this industry is as rare as getting your book published – and closer to the odds of getting attacked my a regular bear and a polar bear in the same day (so says the baby from the Super Bowl commercial).

So what are my goals for this blog?

1. Lower my expectations. Just because I write does not mean anyone cares.
2. Post the S@!t I would not post on Facebook. This is a better forum than bothering my friends and family.
3. Give back! There are a lot (A LOT) of authors out there that could use a leg up. Hopefully I can help in some small way.
4. Convince people to read my interesting (but whacked out) novel.
5. Incoherently rant into cyberspace. After all, what is the web for if not porn and rambling?

So sit back and enjoy the ride!


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