Review of The Wrong Way Down

Here is a copy of my Goodreads review of The Wrong Way Down by Jake Elliot. I will be finishing up his second installment in the series in a couple days so I though it would be appropriate to revisit the first. BTW part of this review made the inside of the second book.


I’ll be brutally honest, since I know the author would expect nothing less (he is published by the same company that I am, though we have never met, and he read and reviewed my novel as well). It took me about two or three chapters to get my feet firmly planted in this alternative world. Once I did, I was sold. The best part about this novel is the main character, Popalia. At first, I really didn’t like her. She is whiny and stubborn and a bit self righteous. But then I realized that the author intended her to start out that way so that she had a starting point to grow upon — After all, she had been raised in a church and fed with a silver spoon. Wynkker, her trusty elf, served as her voice of reason, and some comic relief.

I did not realize that this book was just the beginning, and I think it is important to know that going in. I figured it out when I hit the 75% mark and realized that there weren’t enough pages left for Popalia and Wynkker to fulfill their duties. Perhaps there should be a “Book One” in the title.

To give Jake Elliot a grandiose comparison, I would compare this to The Eye of the World, Jordan started out that lengthy saga with a simple story about a farm boy and look where it went from there.

Here’s the gist (no spoilers), two thieves steal a sacred item. One is caught and the other gets away (with the item). While escorting the captured thief from the church to the nearest city, she escapes. Not wanting to turn back, Popalia and Wynkker pursue her, and this is the tale of that pursuit.

Now that I have my bearings on Jake Elliot’s writing style, I expect at least two more books in this series — possibly more if the subplots lead to a deeper understanding of this world, or a war breaks out around the characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure, it is a great read for fantasy fans. I just hope Mr. Elliot doesn’t make me wait two years for each installment like Jordan did!


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