Join the Siege!

I have been silent for more than a week – which goes against the promise I made to myself when I started this blog – oops!

Anyway, I have been engrossed in Rhiannon Frater’s last installment of her Zombie epic, Siege, As the World Dies, Book Three.

If you haven’t picked up The First Days, As the World Dies, do it now (I mean it, stop reading this blog and go get the book)…

Now that you are back (and I am sure that you have now read all three books because I could not stop after the first), let me talk first about this book and then generally about the series. For those of you who ignored me earlier and have not read this series, I will not post any spoilers.

I expect a series to slack off. The longer you read a series, the more it kinda falls flat. That is not the case here. Siege is nonstop, and no one is safe. Frater makes it very clear from the beginning that she has no problem killing off her characters – for those of you who have never written a novel, this is very hard to do. An author creates a special bond with their characters. They are our friends as much as any flesh and blood. We applaud their successes and morn their defeats.

As a reader, you are kept on the edge of your seat. You expect the main characters to live, so when they die, you are shocked. And this novel has plenty of shocks. Frater has created something that is much greater than the sum of its parts – a zombie novel that is less about blood and gore and more about people working together, bickering over their differences and attempting to create hope among despair.

Siege is more political than the previous two novels which is to be expected given the events leading up to it. Fighting for survival causes us to come together – but once we feel comfortable in our survival, our prior prejudices get the better of us.

One note to Frater: I would have liked to know what happened to the Baptists (just saying… you left it dangling).

Overall, this was the best Zombie series I have ever read. More over, non-zombie fans would still be enthralled from the first paragraph (which caused me to mutter ‘daaaammmnnn’ under my breath).

The series has plenty of action, lots of blood and gore, but also heavy emotional moments and strong female characters. I see that Frater has optioned the movie rights, I will be first in line if it is ever made.

Thanks for the incredible journey Rhiannon!


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