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Time to Question Motives

Lets talk a little football.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a fan of the game, but not a fan of any team. I was raised in the football-devoid city of Louisville KY, (where basketball is king). I played baseball, became a Braves fan, and I had to choose to be a Kentucky fan or a Louisville fan in the fifth grade (I chose Kentucky).

But I have never been an avid fan of any football team.

When I finally settled in South Carolina, I thought I should be a Panther fan. Unfortunately, I never liked anyone on that team (until they drafted Newton). Bluffton SC is 4 hours from Charlotte, 4 hours from Atlanta and 3 hours from Jacksonville. I figure I should be a fan of one of those teams, and there is one scenario that could seal it for me:

Jets: Trade Tebow to Jacksonville!

Whatever you say about the merits of Tebow being an NFL QB, he is loved in Jacksonville. He would play in Jacksonville, and he would fill seats in Jacksonville (win or lose).

Jacksonville needs to fill seats – bottom line. The more seats they fill, the more money they have. The more money they have, the better players they can get. And the better players they get, the more they will win.

Getting Tebow would be the best move the Jacksonville Jaguars ever made, but I wonder how committed the Jags are to Jacksonville. I can only see two scenarios that would stop the Jags from getting Tebow. One, the Jets don’t want to give him up. Or Two, the Jags don’t want to stay in Jacksonville.

You Jacksonville fans need to start screaming for Tebow because if you don’t, I don’t know how long the NFL will be in your city. It is time to start questioning the motives of your team’s management staff. Are they sitting around like that fictional Indian’s owner in the movie Major League? – wanting to fail?

SEC fans are football fans (even I sit around and watch Kentucky lose every Saturday). We applaud the players who make it to the NFL and like to see them succeed. I love watching the recent success of Randall Cobb, I like to see Cam Newton, and Mathew Stafford and all the others, that I got to watch on Saturday, make it to Sunday.

Tebow is a strange phenomenon – the most talked about second string QB in the NFL. But here in the southeast, he is a God. And he belongs here – not up in NY. If the Jags secure Tebow,  I will make the trip to see him play at least once a year — and I bet many others will too.


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